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Mufulira Contact List - Surnames A to E 
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Welcome to the Mufulira Contact List. The Contact List is maintained alphabetically per individual's or couple's surname, where possible we have tried to include the maiden name of the wife (where applicable), as well as telephone or email details.

Please click on the letter of the alphabet below for quick reference to our List - you can contact the person you are looking for IMMEDIATELY by calling or emailing them directly.

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Surname Maiden Name First Names Email Telephone No. Country
Abbot Akerman Kate +27 21 438 1221 South Africa
Ackerman Robinson Dawn   South Africa
Albertze   Jenifer & Mark   0116923395 South Africa
Amin   Latika Patel 905-821-7141 Canada
Anderson   Richard 083 454-3030 South Africa
Approskie Turnbull Gillian 0216899305 South Africa
Arnoldi Balfour Barbara 083-725-0640 South Africa
Ashton   Neil  0827493544 South Africa
Aspinall   Frank & Josť   USA
Arbuthnot Letzler Ingrid & Nils   South Africa
Atherford   Marc 083 445 0633 South Africa
Bahr June (310) 474-9550 Los Angeles, CA - USA
Banks Bentham Barry & Linda 083 392-8119 South Africa
Barrs Jenny and George    
Battistello Miledi-Bianca 0039015811815 Italy
Beale   Ivan UK
Bean   Gail   PE, South Africa
Beattie   Myra Bermuda
Becker   Hennie   Canada
Becker Bailey Ben & Adair (011) 349-7771 South Africa
Becker Coulson Jenny 031 2774815 South Africa
Becker   Richard   South Africa
Beech   Arthur   Australia
Beech   Bumpy / Albert   0832687214 South Africa
Bell   Ian   USA
Behrens   Elaine   0116923395 South Africa
Bethell   Yvonne   0214397267 South Africa
Benton   Malcolm   South Africa
Bergh (formerly Thetford) Joan      016 5901023 South Africa
Billany   Bridget   United Kingdom
Billany Josie UK 
Billany Lesley UK 
Bircher Trollip Avril (031) 705-9009 South Africa
Birmingham   Alan   UK
Blair   Neil  +61 (7) 5546 7827 Australia
Bolton   Dave     South Africa
Bonser   Pat and Dave  950 066 131 Spain
Bosch Melville Jennifer South Africa
Botha   Clive    South Africa
Botha   Malcolm    South Africa
Bousfield Winter Melanie   Zambia
Boyd Lindsay Australia 
Bowles Allan 043 7401104  
Braver   Eddy   0832858335 South Africa
Bradford   Roger   South Africa
Brand   Des   3913989 South Africa
Branken  Schmidt Julie   USA
Brooks Stander Joy   031 526 051 South Africa
Brookes Fisher Louise    UK
Brown   Dave & Winnie   Scotland
Bruwer Cornish Patricia   0828190145 South Africa
Bristol   Donald   031 708 4540 South Africa
Bruce   Gavin   South Africa
Bruce John
Bruce   Alistair   South Africa
Busby Sayer Beryl   South Africa
Busch   Reinhold 0049-2331-689092 Germany
Burgess Green Harry & Margaret   Canada
Buitendag Albertze  Jeanne 0722874661 South Africa
Bulaya   Ntivwizyakwe +26097830092 Zambia
Butler   Mervyn & June 0027137511698 South Africa
Cannan  Stewart Amanda    United Kingdom
Cannell   Charlie    United Kingdom
Cantin Busby Michelle   039 317 4837 South Africa
Carter   Alan   South Africa
Cave Alan and Ann 01278641439 UK
Cave Mike & Liz Australia
Chappell Beard Wendy   (031) 764-2401 South Africa
Changuion   Paul   South Africa
Changuion   Maeve   South Africa
Chautre   Yvonne   031 462 0479 South Africa
Chilufya   Chilembwe USA
Chimuka Chamunorwa UK
Christmas   Dave & Maureen  0836337286 South Africa
Christie Mcloughlin Malcolm & Carol 0466751306  South Africa
Christie Warren Wendy    New Zealand
Clark Martin Scotland
Clements   Rodger      
Cochran    Claire (044) 381 0381 South Africa
Cochran    Donald 031 266 0495 (h) South Africa
Coertze   Casper 011 952 1449 South Africa
Coetzee Sammons Neville & Estelle 5520216 Zimbabwe
Coker   David & Lavinia    UK
Collocot   Deric +61 2 9794 1393  Australia
Conway    John & Joan    South Africa
Cook   John 082-334-1744 South Africa
Cook Campher Tersia 083 417 6286 South Africa
Cook    Steve   Australia
Cook    Chris   South Africa
Corradine Turner Les & Glynnis Mufulira
Costello    Breffne   UK
Coughlan   Paudie Australia
Cowie    Noel & Phyll   South Africa
Cowie    Susan   USA
Cowie   Paul 039 973 0912 South Africa
Craig Keppler Myrna   0837256508 South Africa
Craine Powell Henry & Davina    United Kingdom
Crossman   Neil & Val   0731947914 South Africa
Crossman   Bill & Janet   041 484 1823 South Africa
Culshaw Howard Lavinia (Libby) England
Culturi   Allesantro   02311 232 Zambia
Crause   Charles (Billy)   0832900284 South Africa
Daddy Erasmus Des & Dawn   New Zealand
Dawson   Scott


D'Elboux Asher Glenn and Sally +27317673971 South Africa
D'Elboux Smith Quintin & Angela 01642-645121 UK
D'Elboux Tennant Rex & Lillian   Australia
Davies   Lesley    
De Jager    Johnney & Shirley 011 8074420 South Africa
De Villiers     John  0825691689 South Africa
Deerin   Eddy (Ted )   UK
Denmead   Richard 07919595870 UK
Denning Bond Mary 0789 421 4815 UK
Dennison Monaghan Sue UK
Dewar   Mike & Marge   South Africa
Deutschmann   Fred  (C) 0722388201  South Africa
Dickerson Harvey Georgie 043 7385141 South Africa
Dixon Pedley Kerry    
Donkin Marsh Paddy (011)  462-3232 South Africa
Drury Logan Gayle-Ann     UK
Dugmore   Gloria    South Africa
Duncanson   Douglas & Clare 01531 820302 UK
Du Preez Coetzee Marcelle    
Du Toit Geraghty Patsy   South Africa
Eden Trevor & David  0115 8457959 or
0771 2297505
Elliott   Collette & Karl    UK
Elliott   Doreen & Bob   England
Elliott    George +44 207 933 2491 UK
Elliott Turnbull / Godden June    012 654 1912 South Africa
Elliot Keeley Sandy   South Africa
English    George   Moscow
Evans   Jean & Edwin    
Earl Beswick Alice (013) 702-5604 South Africa

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