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Letters Archive 1 - started October 2007
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From: MerWarren99@aol.com 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2007 11:31 PM
Subject: Please add my contact info to the Mufulira Contacts List

My wife and I and our two daughters lived in Mufulira from 1972 to 1975, and I would like to be ADDED TO THE CONTACT LIST. We lived Mweru House, Kambalange Drive. we were friends of Peter Girdlestone, who was mine secretary, and is now dead I believe.
My wife as an active member of the Theatre Club.

We are living in the U.K. and I see from your list that one of my work colleagues is on the contact list and I hope to contact him in the near future.

Hoping to hear from you.

Merle and Jackie Warren
From: Craig - craig.seath@btinternet.com
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2007 2:35 PM
Subject: Catherine Thomson

Hi there,

As a matter of genealogical research I am looking for details or photographs (if possible) of Catherine Thomson nee Niven wife of A.P. Thomson who died in Mufulira on the 26th June 1960. If there are any relatives still around I would love to hear from them.

Thank you

Craig J Seath
From: Decimalplaceis@aol.com 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 5:00 PM
Subject: Please place this notice on the Mufulira home page

Hello from Tom and Dianne Harrison. Christopher George Harrison was born in Mufulira 29 April 1994. At the mine hospital.

We are in Canada now, British Columbia.

Looking for contact address email for Paul Hughes ?

Dianne Harrison
From: Lyn Room (LJ) 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 3:58 PM
Subject: Query or comment about the message board

Hi Bridget 
I live in Johannesburg and lived in Mufulira from 1952 until 1965 doing all my schooling at Muf Primary and Muf High school.
Names I went to school with were Derric Collocot, Paul Cowie, Ray Wilson, Donald Cochran so would dearly love to be in touch.
Person I would love to contact is Kevin Bradbury. My maiden name was Lyn Forbes 

Kind regards
Lyn Room 

From: barbararaubenheimer@zamtel.zm
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 1:48 PM
Subject: Please place this notice on the Mufulira home page

Dear Sir/madam,

Hi my name is Barbara Raubenheimer (Ex - Maynard). I lived in Mufulira from October 1976 to 1989.My ex played rugby and we spent a lot of our time between the rugby club and the boating club.

My contact telephone numbers are +26 2 680692 or cell + 26 096 925624.

I am thoroughly enjoying your site and looking through old photos etc.

Please can you enter me onto your contact Site.

Regards Barbara

Barbara Raubenheimer
up.OF.box 72596,
From: mjr 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 2:19 PM
Subject: Please add my contact info to the Mufulira Contacts List

Thanks so much for the opportunity to add my two bitts.

First of all, how about adding a date to the sender's inquiries?
We lived in Muf from 1955 to 1959. Our two daughters Sonya & Verena ware born in Mufulira Hospital.
We are looking for a friend named Naas Cronje, He worked on MCM as Analytical Chemist. He also was originally from Stellenbosch, Cape.
June & John Ries.
From: Vipin Sachdeva 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2007 12:55 AM
Subject: Please add my contact info to the Mufulira Contacts List


I lived with my family in Mufulira from 1979-1984, home address if I remember was 5/6 Lunzuwa Ave, not far from ZCBC, attended Mufulira High School. Father worked with Mufulira Municipal Counsal as Chief Internal Auditor.

Currently live at Connecticut, U.S.A

Vipin Sachdeva

Finance Controller
Mita Enterprises dba Pizza Hut
Office: 860-571-9108
Cell: 860-655-7580 
From: Roger Miles Bradford 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2007 6:10 AM
Subject: Please place this notice on the Mufulira home page

Hi, my name is Roger Bradford, I would be overwhelmed to hear from anyone who knew the family as we were in Muf from 1964 to early 70's. My dad taught at Ross Ave, my brother Stuart and I were also educated there. A few names that come to mind that were also there during that period: Don Alexander, John & Roger Costopoulos, Brian & Neville Beard, Noel Lewis and bro, Patsy Bungay, Sue Alexander just to name but a few! If there is anyone out there who remembers us please do not hesitate to contact me!!
Kind regards,
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 8:26 PM
Subject: Please place this notice on the Mufulira home page

Hi, my name is Judy Sibson. We, Judy and Pete Sibson, lived in Mufulira from 1971-1975. I taught at Mufulira Infant and Junior School and Pete worked at Chambishi mine. Our daughter, Kerri, was born in the mine hospital in Mufulira on 23rd September 1975. She is getting married in May and her friends are putting together a book about her and I was wondering if anyone has any photos on the hospital or Luangwa Flats, Mulangwe Cres where we lived.
Thank you
Judy Sibson
From: Dr.rbusch@gmx.de
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 3:54 PM
Subject: Please place this notice on the Mufulira home page

Dr. med. Reinhold Busch, Ruhreckstr. 13, D 58099 Hagen, phone 0049-2331-689092; Fax -969981 E-mail

I'm a German citizen who worked as a doctor in both hospitals in Mufulira 1974 and 1975. I am looking for my old friend Rex Fertig, his wife Nina and his children Ricky and Jaquie. Yesterday I followed the questions of Rex Fertig's last daughter Anastasia who lives in Paris (july/august 2006) and who wanted to know some details of the life of her father whom she apparently lost at the age of nine years (I learnt that Rex was 
murdered 11 years ago which I did not know).

I sent an e-mail to Anastasia Fertig but it did not arrive at her address (ana.fertig@gmail.com). Does anybody know her address and new e-mail-number; and does anybody know where Nina Fertig and her children Jaqueline and Ricky live today?

Furthermore I would like to know if anybody can tell me where my former colleagues from Ronald Ross and Malcolm Watson Hospital are to be found: Dr. Derek Harvey, Dr. Mc Coll, Dr. John Mc Nicoll, Dr. Mike Girdwood, Dr. Edward Kirwan, Dr. Peter Stewart, Mr. Eric Rea, Dr. Bhatt, Dr. Stuart Malcolm, Dr. Ingrid Rosenkranz?
Same to the hospital manager Mike Cook and his wife Jenny; The director of the Mufulira underground mine, Dr. Rolf Rosenkranz; the ingeneer Werner Hock and his wife Evelyne?

With kind regards - also from my wife Marlene who worked as Nurses tutor in the Ronald Ross - from an old fellow who still remembers with joy at a great time 

                                                                               Reinhold Busch

From: Akusaloka@aol.com 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 11:28 PM
Subject: Please place this notice on the Mufulira home page

Hi Everyone,

Almost unbelievable i was just browsing and came across this site. How nice.
I left Muf just 4yrs ago and am now settled in the UK i have great memories about that. I married there all my children were born there the eldest being 16yr now.

I will surely try and make a contribution please keep it going, going until its keeps going.
the place of abuandance! Mufulira.

Fletcher kusaloka
Lancaster way,
Bolton. Lancashire
From: Georgejoanheath@aol.com 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 5:49 PM
Subject: Please place this notice on the Mufulira home page

My name is George Heath and my wifes name is Joan,
Along with our children we were members of the Muf' tennis club and lived in the town from May 1964---MAY 1976. I was delighted to see you Web Site and will be contributing to it. If anyone can remember Joan and I please contact us to share very fond memories. We are presently trying to find info' re- Muf' and its surrounding areas with a view to making a short visit, mainly to  Mufulira

Kind Regards To All
George & Joan Heath
From: Paul Cowie 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 9:25 AM
Subject: Please add my contact info to the Mufulira Contacts List


This is just an up date of my details.

My new email address for the site is
ravenmind@telkomsa.net and my sister Susan died in California in 
December 2004. My home number is 039 973 0912

Thanks very much

Paul Cowie
Crawford College
031 205 3357
From: arthur@chemicalconvertors.co.za 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 

Dear Bridget
Just to update you with my E mail address in case you didn't have it.
I was a chemist in the assay lab from 1969-1974 and would like to hear from others who were around at that 
Best Wishes
Arthur Willis
From: Graham Kirk gramhamkirk@yahoo.co.uk
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2006 11:01 PM
Subject: Just discovered your site.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have recently discovered your website, very exciting, a window to my past. I was born in Mufulira in 1958 at the Malcolm Watson Hospital. We left for the UK in 67 when I was nine years old. I noticed an old friend on your contact page and sent her an 'e' mail, unfortunately it could not be delivered as the address is obsolete. Her name is Valda Redfern, I don't suppose you have any further information on her do you? My name is Graham Kirk and am now living in the UK, my 'e' mail address is gramhamkirk@yahoo.co.uk

I would be most grateful if you could add me to your contact list, please note 
the misspell of my name in the 'e' mail address is deliberate. 

Best regards,

Graham Kirk

From: Michael Gardner 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 9:10 PM
Subject: Please place this notice on the Mufulira home page

My name is Michael Gardner and I was born in Mufulira in 1951. I left aged 11 in 1962

I am coming back for a visit with my wife in the last week in November 2006

The places I remember are The Mine club, The MOTH club, the Flying Club (my father was a great social animal)

Mary Moffat Primary School, Ross Avenue Primary School, The Catholic Church (I was Christened and made my First Holy Communion there)

I am interested in anyone who remembers Len and Kathleen Gardner (my parents both now deceased) or myself

We lived at 121 Maybin Ave before I came back to the UK and before that in J Avenue
I am also interested in contacting the schools or clubs and would appreciate any Contact Addresses
I remember my best Friend was Called Jimmy Phimister who would be aged 55 now

Any help would be appreciated

Michael Gardner
From: Sally Lewitt 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za ; gillvic@telkomsa.net 
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 2:09 PM
Subject: Please place this notice on the Mufulira home page

Hi Ex-Muf folk,

What a joy to stumble apon this site. My Father (and us ex-kids) lived in Muf from 1963/4 - 1980. Vic Pretorius is his name, some of you might still remember him, he is alive and well and has retired in Uvongo, South Coast in South Africa with his wife Gill. 

Any old friends out there who remember me, I am Vic's youngest daughter, Salome Pretorius (now: Sally Lewitt) followed by Victor and Brenda. I reside in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa after living in the USA for 10 years. Miss the good old days of Magic, and looking at these photos brought a tear to the eye. 

Please feel free to make contact with me, sallylewitt81@hotmail.com or 

Sally Lewitt (Ex: Salome Pretorius)
From: Paul Cowie 
Sent: 12 October 2006 02:02 PM
To: 'mufulira@mweb.co.za'
Subject: Pictures for MM


I thought I’d send these two shots of our house…the black and white shot was taken in 1962 and the coloured one, last year…nice to see that F70 is still looking great!! Sorry, now I’m getting carried away, but here are a couple more as well…fishing on the Kafue in the early 50’s…My Dad jimmy and Sharpie Sharp, 
then my dad putting the first fish into the new dam!

From: JXOFLAHE@ctrl.co.uk 
To: 'contact@mufulira.co.za' 
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 6:08 PM
Subject: Please add my contact info to the Mufulira Contacts List

Have just visited the site. Maura and I lived in Mufulira/Kalulushi from 1973-1981. I recognised John Bruce 
and Duncan Naysmith in the photos.

Would love to hear from anyone that knew me. 

John O'Flaherty 
From: stephen lawrence 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Cc: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 1:09 AM
Subject: Contribution made towards www.mufulira.co.za

hello, fantastic web site, already got in touch with one old friend through your good selves. could you put my details on your message board.l ived in muf from 69-82 last resided at 51 hombwe ave opp the lodge. tele 01634271993 england. name and e mail as above. do you know of any reunions in southern england

 many thanks

From: Ron Lawrence 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 6:26 PM
Subject: Please add my contact info to the Mufulira Contacts List

Ron Lawrence
Sylvia Lawrence
children: Mark, Stephen & Gina
Worked at Mufulira Mine Engineering Department from 1968 to 1982
E mail address: ronlwr@tiscali.co.uk
From: Anthony Alberts 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2006 4:57 AM
Subject: Greetings


I am and old friend of the Hoyle family from Mufulira. I am very sad to hear about the passing of Ernest Hoyle 
and would love to get in touch with either Joss or any of the family (Anita, Grant or Tracey). As you can tell 
by my email address I am living in New Zealand and been here since 1999.

Thank you.

Anthony Alberts

52 Hayton Road, PO Box 6178
Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
( 0064-3-343 3530
7 0064-3-343 3696

From: dcollocott@bwca.com.au 
To: contact@mufulira.co.za 
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 7:54 AM
Subject: Please add my contact info to the Mufulira Contacts List

Hi All, 

Doing a bit of web browsing and came across the Mufulira Site. It was particularly great to see the messages from Ray Wilson and Fern Girdlestone (Happy 90th Molly!! well done) I wonder if anyone else remembers me? Our whole family left Muf. in 1963 to settle in South Africa

In 1998 I immigrated to Australia and now live in Sydney Australia before living 25 odd years in Constantia, Cape Town. I am the brother of Barry Collocott who currently lives in King Williams Town. 

My contact details are below 

Deric Collocott 
Export Manager - Barloworld Coatings Australia 
Tel : +61 2 9794 1393 
Fax: +61 2 9794 1237 
Mobile : + 61 (0) 407 229 089 
email: dcollocott@bwca.com.au 


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