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Under 15 Rugby team
Muf High in 1964

Mufulira Management 1961
Back Row:Mike Girdwood,
Don Turnbull, Dick Neller, Larry Airey
Middle: Manus McMonagle, Sandy Torrance, Doug Guest,

Percy Mattusheck, ? Young, Aubrey Finn
Front: Howard Gale, Frank Buch,
Ronald Prain, Al O’Connell, Jimmy Cowie

Hettie Kirsten and Les Shaw
married in Mufulira on
5th April 1945

Michael Kirwan visited Mufulira
in March 2008 -
the photographs that fill the rest
of this Gallery were taken by him.
(Click on any of the thumbnail
photos to open a larger version)


The Malcolm Watson is run by the
mine and in excellent condition.
Sadly the Ronald Ross is run
by the Government and very run down.

Typical back-lane,
this one behind G23

24-03-08 The old Cinema

Cinema complex

24-03-08 The Little Theatre 

My Wife and I
limbering up (Michael Kirwan)

Golf Club notice board

The Club House

1st hole

9th Hole

18th hole

Golf Club Menu [notice "tuner
and cheese"]
  ate here three times,
food fine staff really nice.

Golf Club
"Official Notice Board"

Entrance to Ronald Ross Hospital 

48 Gashi Ave front garden
Michael Kirwan (back to camera),
Jane Kirwan, Mrs Chiponda [wife of
Charles Chiponda current Medical
Superintendent or CMO]

The back of 48 Gashi Ave,
Michael and Jane Kirwan

Gashi Avenue No 19 I think... Tait's old house [ in very good condition ]

Gashi Avenue - Jill Smith's house
[alas a bit obscured.]

38 Funda Avenue,
Naomi Harvey's house

40 Funda Avenue
(this could be Naomi Harvey's house)

Main St - looking east

Main St   looking east

Main St looking west

Outside the Mine pool

Mine pool - Mike and Jade

Mine pool

Mine pool

St Patrick's

St Patrick's

St Patrick's

St Patrick's after Mass
Many more people than in my day.


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