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Photo Gallery - Reunion in Wales 2008

L to R  Mike Sadd

Maureen & John Lewis

L to R Letty Sadd  Gaynor Ward
Roy Howells  Doreen Sullivan
Alice Bryston  Carol Renton

L to R  Tommy Sullivan  Barbara Rodgers

 L to R: Cyril Owen,   Cyril Price

L to R  Jannet Ridley  Peter Ridley 
Jim Bryston  Grayham & Jaqui Hobson

L to R  Maureen Lewis  Carol Renton
Helen Wilkinson  Julie Rice [Osbourn]

L to R  Garry, Pam, Dill Rakes,
Lyin Howells, Ron Rice

L to R  Tegwyn  Evans  Lyin Howells 
Anita Owen Janet Ridley Roy Howells


L to R  Jerry & Carol Renton  Cyril Price 
Helen & Rodger Wilkinson  Maureen Price

L to R  Ray Ward   Mike Sadd 
Ron Rodgers

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